How do you light the pilot?

Please see your manufactures owners manual or website for this information.

How often should I have my gas fireplace cleaned?

Most manufactures suggest a yearly cleaning/inspection of their units.
Vent less gas fireplaces should be serviced yearly no exceptions! 

Do I need a blower on my fireplace?

Most gas fireplaces are designed to operate without a blower, but a blower will help to increase the efficiency of the fireplace and help warm your room.

Why do I have soot on my logs?

Soot is common on vented decorative gas logs and will not affect the operation of them. 
Soot should not occur in vented gas inserts and will require a certified gas specialist to adjust it.
Soot on a vent less log set is unsafe and should not be used until repaired by a certified gas specialist.

Should I have a smell when I use my fireplace?

There should not be any odor from your fire place unless it is being started for the first time. If you have any odor you should have it checked by a certified gas specialist before using it.

Why does my glass get wet and dirty when I turn on the fireplace?

The moisture on the glass is caused by the condensation from the fire being turned on and will dry out in a few minutes.  Having your glass cleaned during the yearly service check by a certified gas specialist will help to keep your glass clean.

My pilot is lit but why won’t it turn on?

That can be one of many things. 
1. Make sure the gas control knob is turned to on. 
2. Change the batteries in the receiver and hand held remote.
3. Make sure all the switches are turned on.
If this does not work have the unit checked by a certified gas specialist.

My unit lights with a boom is this ok?

No! Your fireplace should light quietly and should not be used until it is checked by a certified gas specialist.

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